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Fraternity Events

Alumni weekend has come and gone. A good time was had by all, please read the exciting news from the meeting held during the reunion.

The Brothers

Founded in 1914 Zeta Alpha Phi is one of the longest standing fraternities in the area. Our ability to survive through some of the most difficult times for the greek community is truly a sign of the bond and strength that we possess in our organization, our brotherhood, and our personal moral standing.

ZAP Founding Fathers


Alumni Reunion Weekend News from June 4-6, 2004.

Brothers, the alumni weekend went very well. Although we wish that more of you could have made the trip to Canton. Alumni from the last 5 decades (1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's and 2000's) were represented. The golf tournament was a lot of fun, and those that didn't play golf had a great time at the house playing volleyball and horseshoes. By the way the team of Lyle Scazlo (1973), Scott Joralemon (1987), Joe Weyl (1987) and Matt Hanley (1999) won the tournament (and the money!). Thank you to Jeff Buckingham for arranging the golf tournament!

Update on Fraternity Issues

The corporate board informed the alumni of where the donations for the house are going and our vision of where the fraternity should be over the next 6 months to a year. This meeting went very well and I think the alumni were proud to see the passion displayed by the board members to insure the survival of Ζ Α Φ. In fact some brothers handed checks to the board after the update was finished. The money is going a long way to help the stability of the house. One point that was stressed to the alumni, is that although the money is very important, what is just as important is participation from Alumni in supporting the younger brothers in fixing up the house. The board's goal is to make the house a place that brothers would enjoy living in, from both the quality of the living area (house condition) and the strength of the brothers that are in it. Based on that statement, a motion was put forth to the alumni that we try to get each pledge class represented at the reunion to pick a room to repair at the house. Once the room is completed a plaque will be posted in the room to dedicate it to the pledge class that has fixed it up. This is not limited to the pledge classes that were at the reunion, but EVERY pledge class! The message here brothers is that through the strength of our Alumni we can make this house great!

For Ζ Α Φ to fix up the house correctly, a lot of work needs to be done. We will try to prioritize the work here:

  • New Entrance Doors (3 that meet Canton's fire code, 1 is a double door.)
  • Siding and Insulation (heat costs are killing us!)
  • Sheet Rock and Dry wall compound
  • Paint and Painting
  • Flooring (Carpeting, Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Restoration)
  • Carpentry and Electrical Work
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Composite Restoration and Frame Repairs
  • Of course with all of these items, we also need brothers who can help do this work, the bond between the younger brothers and alumni can only be stronger by working together to make these repairs. Any supplies, tools, or money that can be donated to be put towards the house fix up would be greatly appreciated. Some 'House fix up' dates are being planned, the first is the weekend of July 17th and 18th, the second is August 14th and 15th. Please contact Jim Yerdon, Greg Powell or Chuck D'Armetta for details (or email me and I will give the contact information), they are donating their time and resources for some of these fix up dates.

    Reunion Shirts

    Well since there were not as many alumni present as we had hoped, we have extra reunion t-shirts available for sale. We have 51 shirts left. 11 Large, 29 XL, and 11 XXL. Please contact myself or Jim Yerdon to purchase a shirt. Since we have to mail them, they are $20 ($15 for the shirt and $5 for postage).

    Thanks Joe

    The Alumni

    Canton's alumni association sent us an updated Alumni List from their database, making it current as of December 2002. The current website listing is from a combination of Canton's Alumni List and our own Database so if your name is missing from the site, it is for one of three reasons:

    1. You didn't Graduate
    2. You didn't pass more than 30 credits hours at Canton
    3. You have sent it to the webmaster
    If your name doesn't appear on this list at all, please add your information by filling out the form on following link or call Canton's Alumni Association office at 800-811-6727 and inform them that you are a member of Zeta Alpha Phi.
    This will help Zeta Alpha Phi keep a more current and correct database for future alumni mailings.

    Zeta Alpha Phi is also keeping a database with alumni information in it for the brothers that don't met the College's criteria, so don't hesitate to contact the webmaster if the information for you is listed incorrectly.

    If your information is incorrect, or not on the site please let us know by contacting the webmaster or by filling out the form on the following link.

    Alumni, we are trying to fill in the blanks and one way in which we are doing that is challenging alumni to find their pledge brothers! If you find the contact information forward it to the webmaster!

    Master Alumni List
    Brothers, it was getting too hard right now to maintain the lists by decade so I have switched to a master list.

    Alumni List will open in a New Window


    Brothers, the latest alumni letter has generated a great amount of donations, and the Alumni are to be comended for the effort. But if you review the donations page, please be aware of two things 1) We are not by any means out of the finacial woods yet and 2) Notice that John Lylak has paid out a lot of his own money to fund and save Zeta Alpha Phi. This is not John's responsibilty alone, it is the responsibility of all brothers and Alumni of Ζ Α Φ.

    Please send your donations today to John Lylak!

    Alumni Donation Challenge

    Brothers the word is out and you are doing great with your donations, but we feel the need to challenge Ζ Α Φ Alumni even more. Carl Porter an Alumni from 1939 sent in a recent donation and he is on a fixed income, another brother from the 30's John Burns sent in a donation. James Greenwood made a $1000 donation to help with the effort. Lastly, the AXO Alumni Corporate Board made a donation to our cause. This should be an inspiration to all of us to send what we can to John!

    Send Donations to:

    John Lylak
    Treasurer Corporate Board
    3150 Culver Rd.
    Rochester, N.Y. 14622
    make checks payable to Zeta Alpha Phi, Inc.

    The following brothers are being recognized for their recent contributions to Fraternity. The money is not posted until the check clears, so if you recently sent in a donation, it will be posted at that time. Donation List Opens New Window

    Active Members

    President-Eric Simmons
    Vice President -Matt Wood
    Secretary-AJ Oshier
    Treasurer-Isreal Quitcom
    PledgeMaster- AJ Oshier
    Sgt. at Arms-Matt Wood
    House Father-Isreal Quitcom   

    Coporate Board

    President - Eric Simmons
    Vice President - Jim Yerdon
    Secretary and Webmaster - Joe Weyl
    Treasurer - John Lylak
    Senior Alumni Advisor - Jeffery Buckingham
    School advisor - Courtney Battista   

    Photo Album

    Coming Soon.....
    Have photos you would like to post? Send them to the webmaster if they are digital, or contact the webmaster to find out how to send copies to him for scanning and posting!
    We would love to be able to post composites on the site. If you have an old composite and can get it scanned and even restored, we would love to post it and give you credit for it.
    Take a look at this composite from 1988, is anyone you know on this composite? 1998 Composite


    Rushing Information

    Rushing for the Spring semester started the week of February 9th, two events have already been completed with two more scheduled for the week of February 23rd. The school is on Mid-Winter break the week of February 16-20.
    Pledging for the spring semester starts on March 1, 2004 and it has ended but:

    Zeta Alpha Phi is proud to welcome 3 new brothers from this spring's pledge class!   


    Alumni Letters

    Recent Alumni Letters have been sent out (April 2004), if you didn't receive one, please let us know so that we can get one to you. Also, it appears that the last letter (February 2004) had some major problems getting to alumni due to the USPS bulk mail program. So the previous letter did not reach many alumni due to circumstance beyond our control. We are sorry about this and we are working to keep Alumni informed of the activities in Canton.

    Update your Alumni information here to be get your alumni letters.

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